Hello folks, and welcome to the blog.  A few ground rules, keep the profanity down, no shock sites, and try to keep the conversations civil.  This blog is dedicated to philosophical discussion, frank observation on the state of the world, and my own bloviating on various topics, and they will be marked as such.  While I will try to focus on debating political philosophy, I have other interests including Kansas City Royals Baseball and St. Louis Blues Hockey, Firearms of various kinds, Science Fiction Literature, Movies, Television, Ancient History, and a rather ecletic taste in music.  And yes, I will post a few stories on those from time to time.  As R. S. McCain points out, man does not live on bread alone.

And, following his advice about Rule 5, I will try to post at least one pic of a lovely young lady a week.  Everyone loves a pretty girl, and I am particularly fond of gingers, so expect freckles.

If you are interested, you will be able to read my original fiction either at The Thunderhead Chronicle or on FictionPress.


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