2 comments on “Latest Harvard Study Example of Garbage In, Garbage Out

  1. This is a pretty good blog post, but I would be unlikely to link to it because of the horrendous typos and spelling/grammar errors. Fairly or not, they tend to undermine the power of your arguments.

    • I agree with Jack Talbot. It’s “dole,” not doll. Several sentences are missing words and even whole phrases that are needed to give them meaning. Several have rather blatant grammatical lapses. One word uses “0” as an “o.” This isn’t a case of “Well, you know what I meant.” In some places, I do, after going back a few times and figuring out what the missing words might be. Other times, no–the meaning is not decipherable.

      Much as I appreciate those parts of the analysis that can be understood, half of it’s an ambiguous mess. This post could use some cleaning up.

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